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No Username. No Password. No Room Setup.

Just share the link and get chatting. is free of charge, forever. Just Chat.

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Lock the room with a password and enjoy your privacy.

Ready to go public? Unlock rooms whenever you need!

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Designed to look clean on every surface, scales gracefully with screen size.

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Rock solid & hella slick for users. for developers. for you.

Embedded light theme. is easily embeddable.
use the /encase command to get a simple chunk of html, pop it anywhere in your website, and get your users chatting. also comes with an optional light theme in order to fit seamlessly into as many websites as possible.

“Ok, let's chat.”

Alright, take your pick:

Take me somewhere.

Explore the vast
May the Nordic Gods bless your journey and shall you find any treasure, tell them I sent you.

Find me the Cool Kids.

Legend speaks of a mysterious book that keeps a list of the most wonderful places across the
Only the most fearsome adventurers shall be rewarded with entrance to such venues.

Make me something.

Creates a new randomly named room and takes you there. Claim it while it's hot!

Or just try it out right now:

About was created by Nico May.
This is the result of weeks of his free time spent coding away in Haxe and silently cursing web development.

Business Model

People like to know about this sorta things and we like to be honest and open. So here's the deal:

We will never show ads. They look ugly and ruin our cute minimal design.

We will never sell your data. Because that's just plain evil.

We want to be free. Unfortunately, there are bills to be paid.
So if you are well off enough to be able to contribute we would appreciate it immensely.

you may donate here, if you wish.